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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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weren't notified till wednesday. >> i feel we should have gotten a letter that day. this way. >> they should have told us in the beginning and we could react >> reporter: with several parents now up in arms, the with d.e.p. addressed concerns city hall. >> we don't want to diminish the seriousness and importance of what is happening here. >> we have a difficult needle to thread here because in an going the extra mile. >> reporter: as officials now work toward finding a solution, water fountains within the schools have been shut off with signs posted in bathrooms the water. bottled waters and coolers are being used for drinking and food preparation until the issue is completely resolved. >> 15 parts per billion is the point at which the epa
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bar high school came back with its results at 558 parts per billion so they say all these 30 schools that tested positive, they're a priority and they're taking action. live in newark, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. it is official. we set a record today and it's the kind of record we like. record warm temperatures. people took advantage of this spring-like weather heading outside to soak up a little bit of that sun. parts of the jersey shore saw 80 degrees today. you heard it correct. 80 degrees. here's a live look at the beach in asbury park. if you're not near a beach, how about the park? that's where meteorologist lee goldberg is. central park at bethesda fountain. soaking up some of those warm temperatures. >> oh, my goodness, that first day in the 70s is always so special. many years we have to wait till april. we haven't had a 70-degree day in march till 2012. we get it nice and early this year.
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bethesda terrace and bethesda fountain. we're going to be here all evening long. 77 was our number today. just remarkable. you're talking about a record from 2000 that was smashed. record high of 69. this is 30 degrees above average. we normally should be in the upper 40s. and our normal high of 77 would be in the first week of june. pretty remarkable. so where do we go from here? number one, our temperatures have been pretty varied around the area. you see we have sort of a hazy sky. we're right at 72 degrees right now. that's how comfortable it is outside. basically room temperature out here with very little wind but the wind that we do have is off the atlantic in many spots and that's why you see islip, which broke a record today, but has backed off to 59 with the sea breeze. inland new jersey, we're at 80. that's the earliest it's ever hit 80 in newark. it really has been a beach day on the shore today. there are clouds off to our west and that's the front that's
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that's not going to get here till tomorrow night. tomorrow looks a little different. i'll explain why. enjoy 60s most of the night which is incredible considering our normal high. we're likely to break tomorrow's record of 74. if we get a shower at the wrong time in the middle of the day, that may keep us around the record. those showers, a better chance north of new york city. we'll give you the timing on the rainfall amounts and tell you what our temperatures do after that. every place broke a record except for the jfk area. 77 the high at central park. we'll have more accuweather in just a few minutes. the plain clothes detective was shot by friendly fire last night.
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transferred to the hospital for special surgery. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is in queens with new information. >> outside elmhurst hospital here in queens, the detective was transferred out this afternoon. the sources say the reason for that is this. the bullet not only shattered his shoulder, it also traveled along his ribcage and lodged there without penetrating his chest cavity. so yes, the detective was very lucky, but this injury is far more serious than first believed. >> reporter: the detective was wheeled quickly but gently to a waiting ambulance at 2:35 this afternoon. with the bullet, according to chest. he left elmhurst hospital with a highway patrol escort to manhattan's renowned hospital for special surgery, where doctors will work to repair, shattered shoulder. >> this is a serious injury. we don't know the extent of how
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that's why he was moved to the hospital for special surgery to get a better evaluation. >> reporter: michael palladino is the president of the detective's endowment organization. >> he's in a lot of pain, but he's thankful the situation is not worse. he could have very easily been killed. >> reporter: in bushwick this morning, police towed the suspect's minivan after crime scene investigators spent the entire night gathering evidence. but police officials say there is now no doubt that the detective was struck by a bullet from his partner's gun. >> the detective on the passenger side of the vehicle was reaching in to the vehicle to make the arrest when the vehicle backed up and then it moved forward. at that moment both the sergeant who was standing on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective on where he was, they fired their weapons. >> reporter: a total of four shots were fired, all of them apparently by the officers after they converged on the minivan.
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one of them had been wounded but not seriously. the search continued today for a third suspect who escaped in to the night. for the wounded detective, the recovery will take time. >> last night's event shows you once again how difficult, dangerous, and sometimes deadly this job can be. >> the detective is married with two young children. again, to recap, he's been transferred to the hospital for special surgery in manhattan for highly specialized orthopedic care. live tonight in queens, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. new information in the search for a missing nurse in the bronx. investigators say they have not been able to reach the husband of mahfuza rahman. they do know he and his daughter traveled to bangladesh through dubai days after his wife was last seen leaving work. he told his wife's co-workers that she went to bangladesh to care for her parents. the nurse's family says they've not heard from her since
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former new york city david dinkins was treated for a severe bout of pneumonia. he is resting at home with his wife and he's restless to get back to his normal routines. he served as mayor from 1990 to 1993. more politics now, and more surprises in the race for president. last night democratic bernie sanders defied the pollsters in michigan and won big and today republican ted cruz won a rival's endorsement. our political reporter dave evans here with the latest. >> despite last night's vote, not that much probably changed. donald trump remained the frontrunner and keeps on winning. despite that surprising loss in michigan for hillary clinton, it may be a bump in the road for her. clinton picked up more delegates than bernie sanders last night because of her big win in mississippi. if you believe the polls, she's
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>> reporter: in michigan last night, new life for bernie sanders, going in polling showed hillary clinton with a double-digit lead but he won, and in a diverse state. >> political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. >> reporter: the latest numbers, clinton with 745 delegates won to 540 for sanders. but if you add in super delegates, that's elected and party officials, she's way out in front. last night may just mean clinton has to work a little longer. >> this will be a busy week here in ohio. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump won again, picking up michigan, mississippi, and hawaii, showing he can win all over the map, despite millions in attack ads. >> donald trump hasn't served this country a day in his life. >> reporter: robo calls from mitt romney didn't seem to help a bit. >> i don't think i've had so
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>> reporter: marco rubio is hoping for a win in his home state of florida. and john kasich in ohio. but trump is now leading in both states, despite being badly outspent. >> i have much more money than okay? >> reporter: the one roadblock may be ted cruz. he's won seven states and picked up the endorsement of former candidate, carly fiorina. >> as this race continues and continues to narrow in to a clear two-man race, head to head, donald trump loses and loses badly. >> jeb bush is meeting today with marco rubio, an endorsement could be in the works, but he meets with cruz and kasich tomorrow. no surprise, bush will not be meeting with trump. also tonight, the second debate of the week for democrats. it is in miami as everyone looked ahead to a different kind of super tuesday next week. florida, ohio, north carolina, and missouri. they all vote. that election, if the polls are
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we've got breaking news right now. there's been a stabbing at a subway station in brooklyn causing delays on the subways there. shannon sohn live over the scene right now in cypress hills. >> you can see that police cruiser down on fulton street just underneath the crescent street station, this after a stabbing happened about 4:20 this afternoon. a 22-year-old was stabbed and taken to jamaica hospital. he's expected to survive his injuries. but what we know is he was stabbed by a group of people. an assault happened here. and that group then fled the scene. we just want to bring you up to the crescent street station itself. you can see how crowded it is. part of the reason for that, we've been over the scene for the last 10 minutes or so and the train behind them, a j train, that remained sitting there that entire time with the investigation ongoing. because of this you can expect service disruptions on the j train and police still investigating at this point.
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reporting live over cypress hills, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a collection of guns, drugs, and jewels confiscated in a bust in east harlem. where police say the large operation ran its business. >> a suspicious device found in the trunk of a car brings in the bomb squad. the big mystery tonight. what is it? and how did it get in that car in the first place? >> and just days after touting a major medical breakthrough, the setback for i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis.
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in a huge bust in east harlem. kemberly richardson tweeting video of the goods. she's at the police precinct tonight. >> luxury cars, illegal weapons, and jewelry dripping with diamonds. those are just some of the things police say they found inside the suspect's home this morning. 22 men and women who were allegedly apart of a drug selling operation which brought in stacks and stacks of cash. >> when we do actually execute search warrants, we're dealing with people who have guns under their pillows. >> reporter: authorities maintain these are the people all rounded up during raids this morning. >> you don't know why? >> no drugs. nothing. nothing. not even a dime. >> reporter: police say the suspects, 22 men and women, are part of a very structured large scale organization, which sold air one and pcp, although one defendant insists police have it wrong. >> is it true what happened? you didn't do anything? >> nothing.
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we don't have [ bleep ]. >> reporter: authorities maintain the suspects did business here around 116th and madison, as well as on the lower east side and in parts of the bronx. their product had very specific brand names. >> thriller, crush, omg, oh, my god, and pepsi. >> reporter: during today's bust police say they found all this in the suspects' homes, 14 illegal guns, kilos of heroin, more than $200,000 in cash, high end jewelry, some dripping in diamonds. police say most of the deals went down in their cars. >> they were selling to all the dealers in and around the bronx and manhattan. and they'd break it down for lower level dealers as well. >> reporter: it seems everyone knew their role. authorities say there were several bosses, lieutenants, and low er level runners. >> they have very violent histories. most of them have attempted murders, shootings, and homicides.
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months and was a joint effort between narcotics and the manhattan da's office. they're set to face a judge tomorrow. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have some sad news tonight. the first uterus transplant in the u.s. has failed. it comes two weeks after the groundbreaking operation, and days after a news conference touting this major achievement. doctors at the cleveland clinic would only say the 26-year-old woman who underwent the procedure developed a complication. the uterus was surgically removed today and will be tested to determine what went wrong. another deadly day in israel. this time in the west bank. two palestinian gunmen were shot and killed. earlier they had opened fire on a bus, injuring a number of passengers. the men died in a shootout in northern jerusalem. an arab israeli man caught in the crossfire was also killed.
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joe biden is continuing his visit to israel. he condemned palestinian authority president for not condemning the violence. he addressed the back-to-back missile test by iran. the missiles were reportedly carrying messages in hebrew that said, quote, israel must be wiped out. >> the united belief that a nuclear armed iran is absolutely unacceptable threat to israel, to the region, to the united states. i want to reiterate which i know people still doubt. if in fact they break the deal, we will act. >> the missiles test does not violate the nuclear agreement that was enacted in january. from overseas, we head over to the park where meteorologist lee goldberg is now. >> he's so lucky to be out there. it's gorgeous out there. >> i've had some really nice days at work. but this is about one of the best. this is really fantastic. the whole vibe with everybody
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setting is everybody is in such a good mood because of the beautiful weather. even though the foliage hasn't come in. the temperatures are in the low 70s. not much wind outside. we look at a beautiful picture with just high clouds out there right now and that's central park right there, 72 degrees. the humidity is nice and low at 33%. right now the pressure is holding steady. 77 over 44. really has been a full house in the weather department. we check out the high of 77. of course it's 30 degrees above our average. that record high was obliterated. what a different story when you talk about what's happening along the coastline where our numbers are struggling through the 50s now. that's because the ocean temperature is 45. even a little puff of wind off the water is going to take those temperatures down. we did have records in places
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through the evening hours, patchy clouds around. we'll be in the 60s for most of the night. it's going to feel great. the difference with tomorrow even though it's warm is there's more cloudiness. today we started out near 45. tomorrow near 60. we'll get in to the 70s and make a record high run at the 74. that front is sitting over upstate and western new york. there's already showers getting to lake erie and lake ontario. makes me concerned showers could sneak in the hudson valley. we'll have the clouds rolling in tonight. you've got your 70s off to the south. that air is right there for the pickin's tomorrow. patchy clouds, nice and mild. by morning, a lot of clouds around. more sun south and west. by midday showers maybe trying to sneak in to the hudson valley but most looks like it's going to be through the throughway, i-90. through the afternoon, if we stay away from the rain, we'll
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upper 70s south and west of new york city. hudson valley could struggle to feel like 70s. normal highs should be in the 40s. that rain is coming in tomorrow night for sure. our numbers on friday will drop back to around 60 or so with the cool breezes. your accuweather forecast looks like this. tomorrow, 75. more clouds. but still very warm. maybe have the umbrella in the northern suburbs as we go through the afternoon hours. but i think we get through the day dry for the most part. tomorrow night your numbers are going down to about 54. there will be rain at times. maybe not early evening but later on at night. coming up at 5:30, here's what we're working on. will parts of the area be robbed of record highs because of the clouds? will it feel like 50s on friday? now is the weekend looking mainly dry and mild? looked a little cloudier and showery by sunday. looking at the lovely boathouse as the sun sets in central park. all the boats are going in. it's $12 an hour to rent a row boke on the beautiful lake.
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i think your treat and we all do this. >> i'm loving it. who's bringing the food? >> we haven't had an adventure in a while. let's go. the music producer that many fondly called the fifth beatle has died. george martin helped shaped the sound of some of the beatles' most loved hits such as she loves you, hey jude, and strawberry fields forever. up next, seeing governor christie on vacation for his wedding anniversary as a transit strike looms. >> donald trump getting a new york city property tax break? tonight why the city says it wants its money back. >> hundreds of senior citizens
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tomorrow a key day in the new jersey transit negotiations. both sides still working to avoid a strike as we get word sunday's deadline could change. today new jersey transit handed out these critical service advisories to commuters, alerting them to contingency plans. toni yates is live in woodbridge with more.
5:25 pm
that critical service advisory saying his rail workers are the problem in this strike threat. but the good news today also, that strike deadline seeming adjustable, as long as talks are productive. >> it's going to be hectic. it's going to be hectic. going to do. >> reporter: new jersey transit commuters' worst fear, trying to get from here to there with no trains. just additional buses that even new jersey transit admits -- >> we cannot replicate the railroad with buses and we'll make every effort to provide a level of service that's consistent with the resources. >> reporter: no face to face talks today. instead both sides separately reviewing ideas offered in yesterday's negotiations. >> 13th is when the cooling off period ends. that does not mean that a work stoppage has to happen exactly at 12:01. if we're sitting there and discussing something at the table and we think the progress is going in the right direction, you postpone it for 24 hours.
5:26 pm
meeting where community activists spoke up. >> for the sake of people who need this transit, there must be a labor agreement. >> reporter: new jersey transit is shoring up its strike contingency plans. commuters who use the already busy metro park may see bigger nightmares. >> a lot more people are going to be displaced. parking is going to be outrageous. >> reporter: some people's livelihood on the line. >> can't work from home and it's kind of scary. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: suburban towns like maplewood organizing ride share programs, planning bus service pick-ups at its municipal building to get its residents to irvington. >> which will allow them to take a new jersey transit bus from newark to newark penn station where they can catch the path train. >> reporter: a rail shutdown a nightmare no one wants. >> we're going to remain talking till we can get this thing settled.
5:27 pm
bargaining table tomorrow. the union representing 4200 rail workers saying there's no need for a work stoppage as long as progress is being made. we're live at metro park in woodbridge, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> for those asking where is governor christie, we have the answer. he spent the day down in florida. he took in a spring training baseball game with mets open. christie said he was going on vacation with his wife for their 30th wedding anniversary but added he would participate in transit negotiations if he thought it would help. a bomb scare in westchester county. police forced to close off a street after a mysterious device was found in a woman's trunk. >> also, donald trump getting a tax credit from new york. now officials say it was a mistake. >> the city trying to figure out how to deal with this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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we're back now with a mysterious device found in a woman's car. it led to road closures and a school on lockdown in westchester county. the streets are back open tonight, but the question is who put it there and why? >> the woman found this device with wires sticking out of it in the trunk of her car on north broad way in yonkers. this happened early this morning. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres is live in yonkers with the story. >> let's be clear, this was not a bomb threat. this was an actual explosive device. as you mentioned, it was found in the trunk of a car, a car parked in the parking lot behind this six-story co-op building in yonkers. the mystery behind this, yes, the woman who found it can explain how it got there. >> reporter: the westchester county bomb squad, the yonkers police department, and the fbi all converged on a pair of
5:31 pm
north broadway, a six-story co-op quickly evacuated by authorities. they also placed a nearby school on lockdown. >> there are 74 units in this building. they just evacuated one side and then they evacuated the whole building. they turned the gas off in the whole building. >> reporter: investigators say a 32-year-old woman who lives in the co-op got in her car to leave and heard something rattling in the trunk. police at the scene said she got out to investigate and found a propane tank with wires attached to it. she immediately contacted the authorities. >> it looked like an explosive device. there were wires and other components that made it appear to be rudimentary type explosive device in the trunk. >> no idea how it got there? >> right now we're trying to figure it out. >> reporter: police checked not only her car but also her husband's suv before investigators hauled away both vehicles for further examination. detectives are now questioning the couple, who, according to a management worker, moved in to
5:32 pm
just a few months ago. rough morning. >> i'm praying it don't go off and somebody can get it before it goes off and remove the wires. evidently that's what they did. >> the couple at the center of this investigation still being questioned by yonkers detectives who are also quick to point out that no charges have been filed. lastly, as soon as the device was rendered safe, then the quest for its origin got underway. that search continues tonight. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. i'm david novarro at the live desk. we continue to follow breaking news in brooklyn. newscopter7 over the crescent street subway station in cypress hills section where sources telling us a 22-year-old man was stabbed. the man police say assaulted by a group while on the subway platform. he was rushed to jamaica hospital and expected to survive.
5:33 pm
right now there is no j train service between broadway junction and crescent street in both directions. we have a crew and reporter on the way. we'll keep you posted whenever new information comes in. on monday, subway riders will begin seeing ads for a film about muslims. last year the mta rejected the ads, saying it violated the ban on political statements. then five months ago a federal up. the film, the muslims are coming, is a comedy that pokes fun at negative muslim stereotypes. the filmmakers say they're thrilled new yorkers will finally see their work. new information on newark's restrictions on ridesharing services such as uber and lyft. police say 80 tickets have been issued. since january 25th, 231 cars have been ticketed. in queens a man who was
5:34 pm
pipe has died. 34-year-old martin key was attacked during an argument saturday morning on a sidewalk in sunnyside, queens. he was taken to the hospital where he died. victor mendosa was charged with attempted murder charges. police still searching for a second suspect. the cause of a house fire in new jersey remains under investigation. flames consumed two floors of a multifamily home on ohio street this morning. two people were rescued by firefighters. one of them taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. newscopter7 over a house fire in orange. flames consumed two floors before firefighters were able to knock the fire down. fortunately no one was hurt. the cause has not been determined. out in california, mourners from around the country are lining up to pay their final respects to former first lady nancy reagan. her body is now lying in repose
5:35 pm
valley before a private funeral friday. >> reporter: this procession bringing nancy reagan's body to its final resting place. but before she's buried, days of ceremonious mourning beginning at this l.a. funeral home where family arrived for a short service. the casket carried out by members of reagan's secret service. a motorcade transferring the hearst with firefighters saluting along the way, a show of respect. and a dignified entrance to mark her arrival. >> i will give you rest. >> reporter: nancy and ronald reagan spent more than five decades by each other's side. >> try to find a picture of the two of them together not holding hands, it's almost impossible. >> reporter: more than one decade spent apart following former president reagan's death, they'll soon be reunited again. >> when her casket is lowered in to the ground, she'll be as
5:36 pm
hold hands. >> reporter: plans long in the making. among the 1,000 invited guests who will now attend her private service friday, former president george w. bush and laura bush, hillary clinton, and first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace. >> some vips including house speaker paul ryan are getting a few moments with mrs. reagan's caskets to pay their respects. the library expects tens of thousands of people to do the same at public viewings over the next few days. coming up on eyewitness news, the anti-israel tweets from a new jersey student that ignited a national debate. his school now deciding if any policies were violated. >> donald trump getting a tax credit from new york city? now officials claim it was a mistake. plus this -- >> cardboard, bottles, cans, pretty much anything you see here on the street sonia gonzalez will collect.
5:37 pm
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new at 5:00, questions tonight about a new york city tax credit that donald trump reportedly received for three years. this credit is only intended for people with incomes of less than $500,000. the credit was just for $300 and didn't have much impact on trump's $175,000 bill for his penthouse in trump tower. the department of finance says it believes trump received the
5:41 pm
new information about a controversy at a new jersey high school. a school investigation has determined's a student's anti-israel tweets did not constitute bullying. the student was called in to the principal's office after another student complained about her tweets. the school said the tweets did not violate the state's anti-bullying law. appearing of bankruptcy court to explain pictures of his surrounded by wads of cash. the judge ordered the singer, curtis jackson, to explain several instagram photos including one of him with piles of cash arranged to spell the word broke. the rapper says the wads of cash were not real. pamela anderson reaching out to new york governor andrew cuomo.
5:42 pm
involves inmates at prisons. >> i'm nina pineda where they say they're in a life and death situation because they haven't had phone service for a month.
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tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. on long island, a fashion show celebrating real people with real stories. the show at crest hollow country club in woodbury was a fundraiser for people with multiple sclerosis. kristin thorne serving as the mc. the money raised to help people with ms and help fund research, and eventually one day hopefully to find a cure. >> very nice cause. now we're going to head outside with meteorologist lee goldberg who has the plush assignment of being out in central park today on this gorgeous, gorgeous day.
5:46 pm
>> how can you not? it's so nice. the mall has to be one of your first stops. everybody is enjoying a great afternoon, the mall with its elms. so pretty out here. it was actually originally designed to accommodate to carriages. a beautiful afternoon here by the mall. 72nd street transverse is really a great view here in the park. let's give you a weather forecast. 72 degrees. high thin clouds out there right now making for a pretty sunset which we'll have on eyewitness news at 6:00. 72 degrees. and the wind is still, it's actually a sea breeze at the coast, and that's why our numbers are so much cooler in a place like riverhead. it feels like it's almost 49 degrees but feels like 80 in parts of interior new jersey. natural air conditioning this time of year. how about tomorrow's record high? that's 74 set in 2006.
5:47 pm
it's not a lock only because we have cloud cover. today we hit 77, we had so much sunshine. we'll have the wind flow tomorrow but we may have the clouds. there's a front getting awfully close tomorrow afternoon but i think most of the rain is to the north. the hudson valley especially could struggle with the temperatures tomorrow afternoon. here's the planner for tomorrow. we'll start the day off near 60. so even a few breaks of sunshine should get us close to 70 at noon. mid 70s during the afternoon. during that time can't rule out a passing shower. look at the futurecast going through this evening. temperatures are dropping through the 60s. tomorrow morning, fair amount of clouds around but nice and mild. couple of showers could be sneaking in to the catskills. by noon time in early afternoon, showers may get in to southern allister and duchess counties. we should make a run at 80 degrees again. by the late night hours, thursday night in to early friday morning, that's when the rain is likely coming in. could be a couple heavier showers.
5:48 pm
of rainfall moves through. maybe a little bit less. clears out in a hurry on friday. and 60 will probably feel like 50s with the lower humidity and the breeze. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. we clear it out on friday and i like the improvement over the weekend. 63 with sun and clouds on saturday. and sunday, which i had in the 50s yesterday, i think clouds increase but i think drizzle holds off. we're still way above normal as we go through the middle of march. so we shattered the record high with 77 degrees in central park today. the record high was 69. hopefully we do it again tomorrow. just beautiful. feeling like june out here and the first 70-degree day in march since 2012. we'll see you at 6:00. >> good to hear about sunday too. for most senior citizens, their phones are really their life lines to family and friends and to healthcare providers. >> when a group of seniors didn't have working phones for more than a month and couldn't
5:49 pm
they teamed up with their councilman and dialed up 7 on your side. >> she was afraid to leave because she has no way to contact anyone. here family who's far away may fear that she's dead. >> they don't care if we live or die. >> you can't call out. you can't get calls in. >> reporter: they're venting at verizon, hundreds of seniors, many say they've been without a vital lifeline, landline phone service since february. >> this is a matter of life and death. these folks are aging here. we're loving the fact they've made woodside as good as it is, but verizon needs to protect them. >> reporter: he's trying to fast track the fix at berkeley towers for more than a week. three buildings have had spotty or no service. >> verizon has a problem they need to fix right away. >> what do you worry about the most? >> that i'm on the floor and can't get up. i can't call the doctor. it's ridiculous.
5:50 pm
parkinson's and lives alone. like most people in the building, he has no cell phone. >> we're promised that. it hopefully will be fixed by march 3rd. it wasn't. >> reporter: after complaining to verizon, kitty thornton got this in the mail. a temporary solution, but? >> is that thing at the bottom, is that a phone jack? >> reporter: she has no idea how to hook it up and said verizon never sent reps out to help. residents complain only some of them were provided with the temporary boxes. and no one is telling them when their landlines will work. >> they don't communicate very well with the customers. >> reporter: verizon was on the job before we got involved but the problem has persisted. today the utilities workers finished replacing a large section of faulty cable. mary's life alert works again and kitty's landline has a dial tone. >> it's working. >> reporter: in the other building, martin is breathing a
5:51 pm
>> thank you for everything you've done. channel 7, you're so wonderful. thank you. >> you're so welcome. >> so sweet. >> he was so happy, he wouldn't let go of his phone. but verizon told us they've been working on smaller fixes, a series of them earlier, then last week they determined the big copper cable needs to be replaced. verizon said they should have the whole building restored by tonight. >> and they're going to set a rep out. >> six trucks today. >> we'll be following it. former playboy centerfold the prisons meat-free. she sent a letter to governor cuomo urging new york only serve vegan meals to inmates. she said taxpayers would save and prisoners would be healthier. she promised to visit prisoners if the change happens.
5:52 pm
promise last year in arizona. a spokesperson has already shot down her proposal. a homeless hoarder on the streets of new york. >> this is a woman who's collected a whole lot of stuff that fills up a block full of carts. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, the search for a rapist and police tell us he's the same man who went door to door in one neighborhood looking for an open door. then attacked a woman in her own unlocked house. >> he wasn't the driver of the car that hit and killed a cop, years in prison. a strong warning for drunk
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
city officials vow to do more for the homeless, but now they're in a pickle, trying to figure out how to deal with sonia gonzalez and all her stuff. >> she's got a lot of stuff. sonia is not just homeless. she's a hoarder. and she's got a caravan of carts full of everything from bottles to even an air conditioner. her home right now is along 10th avenue. >> eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is live in hell's
5:56 pm
>> homeless outreach teams have been trying to work with sonia gonzalez for a while now. she's collected so much material and collectibles, carts full of things, sanitation has had to move in this afternoon and is starting to cart some of it away. you can see some of it piled up over here on the right side as well. but this has become a much bigger issue. >> reporter: so much smaller than the large overstuffed carts sonia gonzalez tries to push and pull, she is still strong enough to lead a seemingly rough life here on the streets. >> got to do it. >> do you have a place to go at night? >> i got a place but i cannot go. >> reporter: she chooses to make her home here on the streets where i met her. she's cobbled together shopping carts, smaller carts, a dolly, and filled them to the rim with anything you might find tossed on the streets. she collects it to sell to recycling crews that come from brooklyn. >> i make good money. i collect and i buy.
5:57 pm
we lost it because they build a building. >> some people give her money. sometimes she actually pays other homeless people to help her move the stuff around. >> reporter: each day sonia will spend the better part of her day moving what has become her caravan of carts. sometimes dangerously close to traffic speeding up 10th avenue. >> i move all the places. start again. >> it's awfully dangerous out here. you're right in traffic. >> new york is better than anything. >> reporter: ask anyone here and they've all seen her move all these carts. >> she goes from 39th up to here. takes about an hour to go 20 feet. it's crazy. >> reporter: she says she will make her bed each night somewhere here in the carts. >> you'll stay here tonight? >> tonight across the street. yeah. >> that's why you move all the carts? >> i'm going to change something. >> reporter: homeless outreach teams have been working with sonia to try to inventory her belongings and get her in to a shelter. a city hall spokesperson adds if
5:58 pm
haven location, the homeless outreach teams will continue to engage her over the next few days to convince her to come in to shelter. >> back live now, these are still more of the carts and things that she has collected, but city officials also point out in trying to get her in to a shelter, sometimes it takes a number of years to have that happen. reporting live in hell's kitchen, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kind of wonder how she's reacting seeing all those things going in to to garbage truck. >> i'm sure it's emotional for her. a strong sentence tonight for the drunk driver that caused a deadly chain reaction that killed a police officer. >> it's sending a powerful message. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. at least five years in
5:59 pm
caused a car crash that killed a cop on long island. even though he wasn't driving the car that hit that officer. >> plus a frantic police search for are a rapist. is he the same man caught on surveillance who went door to door looking for a house that wasn't locked? good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. we'll have much more on those stories in just a minute, but we begin tonight with breaking news. a man stabbed on platform in the cypress hills section of brooklyn. >> carolina leid is there with the breaking news. >> right now we have an active crime scene here in cypress hills. there's a police vehicle unit here and we've seen detectives walking up and down the street, gathering the evidence they need to continue with this case. it all happened here at the crescent street station, the j and z subway trains. this stabbing, a 22-year-old man was stabbed on the subway platform at the j train all
6:00 pm
that's at fulton and crescent streets in cypress hills. the man according to police was assaulted by a group. he is expected to survive and is right now at jamaica hospital. service was disrupted because of all this. obviously because of that police investigation, it has resumed but there are still residual delays. we did see a knife here on the platform. it was taken off the track and put up on to the platform by a worker who of course got that for police. but as of right now, there's no word on if any suspects are under arrest. we can see detectives walking up and down this street gathering the evidence they need. reporting live in cypress hills, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're following another breaking news story and delays on the grand central parkway. this is all because of police activity. >> as you can see, a car facing the wrong-way.


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